mingus amungus
a celebration of the spirit of charles mingus in music and dance

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press quotes for Mingus Amungus

"Mingus Amungus... with fresh artistic ideas have secured them as a truly progressive and evolving performing group, rather than another ghost band."
-- Daniel Atkinson

"By the end of the rousing set [at the Monterey Jazz Festival], the crowd was on its feet, cheering for an encore from Mingus Amungus."
-- Dan Ouellette, Down Beat

"... But the real secret weapon was Mingus Amungus, a San Francisco-based ensemble that swung through Mingus’ music with a compilation of first-rate jazz playing, dancers and rap artists."
-- Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times

"The show began with a terrific performance by Mingus Amungus... as they performed exuberant versions of such Mingus classics as ‘Better Get Hit in Your Soul’."
-- Jessie Hamlin, San Francisco Chronicle

"Anyone skeptical about the ability of the Bay Area’s so-called ‘new Jazz’ scene artists to inculcate a passion for real jazz in their style-conscious audiences has to deal with the popularity of Mingus Amungus."
-- Derk Richardson Bay Guardian

"Mingus Amungus is very contemporary. it’s not the approach Charles would have taken, but their music is totally in the Mingus spirit. The dancers, rappers, drummers and lights give the music an excitement and fidelity. I’m sure Charles would have been knocked out by it."
-- Sue Mingus

"The most interesting discovery of the weekend was a group called Mingus Amungus. Seven young musicians played the music of Charles Mingus in the same wide-open, risky, sometimes sloppy way that Mingus played it himself. Leader Miles Perkins swung his acoustic five-string bass around, a horn section breathed fire, a dancer swirled across the stage, a white-robed speaker declaimed something between a poem and a rap -- and the whole experience could not have been more hip."
-- Matt Schudel, Sun-Sentinel South Florida

"[Miles Perkins] has spent the past decade shepherding his band Mingus Amungus to the top of the Bay Area jazz club pecking order. He's done so with a scintillating live show that emphasizes a cross-cultural, intergenerational mix of dance, hip-hop, Latin rhythms, and of course, tributes to the Mingus blues -- and gospel-tinged modern jazz library."
-- Adam Savetsky, Bay Guardian

"The visitors from San Francisco proved more than vivacious as they swaggered through their initial number, a bent and bluesy thing with lots of bottom and plenty of balls. Mingus Amungus is a sort of tribute band, and in this piece they caught the spirit of their guru Charlie Mingus, particularly his bitter gladness. But the way they did it was by no means slavish. On the contrary!"
-- Tony Gieske, The Hollywood Reporter

"Those who have heard Mingus Amungus perform know how unusual and entertaining this group is, and this CD is like being there at a live performance, sitting in a chair, taking it all in! Each performer plays perfectly and the group is in excellent form! "
-- Lee Prosser, JazzReview.com

"... the most exciting performers, the San Francisco-based musical commune Mingus Amungus. Far more than a revival group, however, Mingus Amungus added performances by its resident dancers and topped off the appearance with a remarkably effective blending of jazz and hip-hop. In their own still relatively unheralded fashion, the musicians are effectively placing jazz in a holistic connection with the many other elements coursing through the late 20th century music scene. And they clearly deserve greater attention."
-- Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times

"They mix jazz swing, Afro-Cuban percussion, and hip-hop flavor into a concoction of which the patron saint of bass would certainly have approved."
-- Ezra Gale, Jazziz

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